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I lived in Quatsino from 6 months to 10 years (1946 to 1955.) Dad was the Fisheries Inspector in Quatsino during those years.Have great memories of the village and attending the old school. Teachers I remember were Mr.Mooney, Lucy Gallow, and Hilda Fairbanks.Remember also the Jelly pad that the teachers used to duplicate material. Have revisited several times (not often enough) over the years and love the museum.Found a picture of me in my short pants in grade1there !!

Highlights of my days in Quatsino included the May Day celebration and winning a trinket or two in the old paddle wheel game. Dad won high jump easily each year I recall, as he was 6 foot 6.

I also remember the hundreds of salmon that went up Colony Creek next to the school. Also re member Mr.Bradley (Janitor) bringing coal on his old tractor to the school to keep the furnace going. I have a vivid picture in my mind of the old outhouses (upgraded to 4 holer) at the scool.

We lived in the Okerville section of Quatsino for a number of years and had no power or running water during that time. The phone of course was a crank system with everyone on the same line. Believe our number was one long and two short. Recall dad always asking Mrs. R to hang up as evidently she was suspected of listening in to the calls.

Each winter the high tides would come right up to our porch. Never saw a train and only a few cars until we moved south in 1955.

The only downside of living in Quatsino was the adjustment I had to make when I moved south and into a larger school and community. It turned out fine in the long run especially when I became a teacher and administrator (Principal) as my career of choice. The lessons that I learned from those wonderful years in Quatsino were put to great use and helped me appreciate the importance of community. I also made sure every new student who came to my schools was given the time and help to adjust to the change they were experiencing.

Such a great place to grow up !!

Brian Harrison

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