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- The Quatsino Archives Association’s next meeting will be at 1:00pm on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 in the Quatsino Museum & Archives. Please note that our monthly meetings will not be held over the summer.   Quatsino.Museum@recn.ca 


- Anyone interested in forming a DAYTIME book club / reading group please get in touch with Susan Mohler at 

mohlerquatsino@gmail.com or call and leave a message at (250) 209-2499. A planning meeting could be held to organize format, members, reading list, etc.


- The Quatsino Residents’ Organization will be calling a Community Meeting at the School on Tuesday July 02, 2019.  The agenda will include a Guest Speaker, Constable Rebekah Draht from the Port Alice RCMP, to talk about the B&E’s and thefts that have occurred over the past seven years.   A complete agenda will be circulated towards the end of June.



- Effective at noon Pacific time on Thursday, May 30, 2019, Category 2 open burns will be prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre's jurisdiction to reduce wildfire risks and protect public safety.   www.bcwildfire.ca 


- It has been suggested that holiday-home owners monitor their BC Hydro power usage on-line to detect any unusual power surges that could indicate an unauthorized entry.  If you see something unusual call someone to check your property asap. The sooner the RCMP is notified of a B&E the better chance of catching the thieves/vandals.


- With recent property thefts in Quatsino, it might be wise to consider the value of 24/7 video property surveillance. 

Many Quatsino properties have had video surveillance for several years now - using RECN or Xplornet. 

   Lars Justinen shares some information & suggestions:

    “You need three components for video surveillance - 1. a camera(s), 2. a service to save the video feed, and 3. wi-fi. 

Here is the best inexpensive current package I can find:

     High resolution video camera hardware:  $50  https://www.amazon.ca/YI-Wireless-Security-Surveillance-Monitor/dp/B01CW4AR9K/ref=sr_1_12_sspa?keywords=nest+camera&qid=1556518386&s=gateway&sr=8-12-spons&psc=1.   You will want to have at least one camera set in the window of the main entrance to your home, but additional cameras for other entrances would be a good idea.     

      Cloud service:  This is the service that saves your video so you can review it and send it to police if need be.  $9.99/month https://www.amazon.ca/YI-Wireless-Security-Surveillance-Monitor/dp/B01CW4AR9K/ref=sr_1_12_sspa?keywords=nest+camera&qid=1556518386&s=gateway&sr=8-12-spons&psc=1

      Satellite wi-fi:  Xplornet SAT 25  $109/month  (naturally this also gives you high speed internet for watching features like Netflix, streaming sports, etc) There are specials they offer from time to time where you can get this same service under $99/month if you want to watch for it. 

      All the services offer high resolution video that makes it fairly easy to pick out faces and features from a distance, night vision that picks up clear black and white imagery in the dark, and very sensitive sound detection.  Most cloud services have sound and motion detection features that send an automatic alert to your smart phone and computer in real time, so if there was a break-in, you would be able to call the RCMP immediately as your camera recorded events. You can also record clips of your daily video for your own enjoyment and even create time-lapse clips. Here is an example of one made from the our kitchen video cam to give you an idea of the image quality.  https://video.nest.com/clip/5244484927794aa8af77a5c0b5fc02cc.mp4?fbclid=IwAR09a2FP3liTaKIhjEXjwugjbCUk7qGtWjnVZXyFUXaIbJRRLydgp3yhHJY

      We use Nest.com for our camera and cloud service, which is a bit more expensive, but we can personally vouch for it.  While video surveillance is not inexpensive, the cost of losing property is not either, so this is something that many will want to consider.”  ~ L.J.


- Well Drilling: Tom Miller is planning on having a well drilled sometime in early May and was wondering if anyone else was interested in having one drilled.                                                       You can contact Tom at lynn.tom@shaw.ca  or 250-202-6353. 



-  Quatsino’s Transfer Station & Recycling Depot is open every Sunday from 9:00 – 11:00. 

The site now has areas set-up for: recyclable material, scrap metal, major appliances, tires and garbage. More recyclable categories will be added soon which will help reduce the volume of garbage going into the big green haul-out bin. 

- A ‘come and go’ area - for things that can be reused - is being set up and there will be no charge to drop off or pick up.

- Anyone who has old vehicles they want taken away for recycling as scrap metal should add their name to the growing list. Do not bring your vehicle to the T.S.

- Refundable beverage containers are not accepted and should be dropped off behind the Museum.

- A full load of 20 megabags of recycling went out on Tuesday, May 28th. [The prior haul-out (from the old Recycling Depot beside the Museum) was on August 27th, 2018 with 23 bags barged out for recycling.]

- Around 10 to 15 people are accessing the new Transfer Station every Sunday morning - mostly for recycling.    ~ S. M.



- Canada Post is currently seeking an on-call Postal Assistant for the Quatsino Post Office - starting salary $16.71/hr.  Job responsibilities include; selling postal products, sorting & processing mail, providing customers with information and forms, address delivery & service difficulties to resolve problems thoroughly and quickly. 

Qualifications include; High school diploma/provincial equivalent and/or experience in business administration. Training and/or experience in a retail environment, including sales and cash transactions. Be able to lift 50lb, push or pull boxes and stand for extended periods of time.

Candidates will be required to provide a character reference letter.  

Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted. 

For more information and to apply go to www.canada post.ca/careers and search for Job ‘J0519-1789’.  



 - Wanted:  Looking for oceanfront property in Quatsino.  Hecate Cove or Central would be my first choice.  Small acreage with a modest cabin would be fine.....usable, boat friendly beach or dock would be helpful.  

                                                                                                      Contact:  Michael @ 250-335- 1135 or islandsafar@hotmail.com


- Wanted: a 10 to 14 ft. tinny/skiff – with or without an outboard – must be seaworthy. 

                                                                                                                        Contact Al at 209-2499 or mohlerquatsino@gmail.com. 


- Wanted: old red house bricks for garden features, etc.                 Contact Sue at 209-2499 or mohlerquatsino@gmail.com. 


- Tired of cooking? Need a quick & easy dinner?  Gina’s Pizza is open every day from 4:00pm – 9:00pm. Choose any two toppings for just $15.00 - including delivery.                                                                                           Call Gina @ 250-902-0434.


HISTORY:  1908

     An article was sent to an Alberni Newspaper covering the June closing the Quatsino School for the holidays; The pupils under the charge of the teacher, Miss (Mrs.) Bessie Noot, made a splendid showing of this important event.  The schoolhouse, which was tastefully decorated with flowers and ferns combined with bunting and flags, was filled to its capacity with parents and friends, who were unanimous in their praised of the work shown by the pupils and the evident care and ability of their teacher.  All were agreed that the exercises would have done credit to any of the city schools. 

     The following was the program rendered by the 16 school children:


Song, Springtime – by the school,

Recitation, The Five Vowels – by Mary Ildstad (7yr),

Song, Kind Words Can Never Die – by the school,

Recitation, Certainly – by Hattie R. Jackson (5yr),

Song, Maple Leaf Forever, - by the school,

Recitation, Vancouver Island – by Emma Evenson (14yr),

Duet, Song of Spring by Winnie Gill and Emma Evenson,

Recitation, Mrs. June’s Prospectus – by Ida Ildstad (10yr),

Song, Our Flag and Motherland – by the school,

Recitation, The Song of the Camp –by Hazel Ildstad (14yr),

Dialoge, The Rehearsal – by seven school children,

Song, Blest Be the Tie – by the school,

God Save the King.


    Commander H. Newcombe, of the D.G.S. Kestral, was called upon to distribute the rolls of honour for General proficiency, Regularity and punctuality, Arithmetic – senior grade, Arithmetic - intermediate grade, Drawing, and Neat work & books.

                                                                                      From ‘The Quatsino Chronicle 1894 – 2005’


 - Circulated to 98 email subscribers, in print at the Post Office & on Notice Boards and posted online at quatsino.org. -      

                                                                                                                                                     by Quatsino Residents’ Organization. 

Quatsino is a small hamlet located on Quatsino Sound in Northwestern Vancouver Island, Canada and only accessible by boat or float plane. Its nearest neighbour is Coal Harbour, to the east, about 20 minutes away by boat, and Port Alice, to the south, about 35 minutes away by boat.

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