Quatsino Monthly Newsletter

* created by Gwen Hansen


All meetings have been cancelled until further notice. 


- Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry recently announced that the restrictions, which prohibit  gatherings between people who don't live in the same household, with minor exceptions for those who  live alone, will now be in place until at least Feb. 5th. 

Please continue to reduce your contacts, practice physical distancing, wear a mask in public spaces, wash  your hands frequently, and avoid all non-essential travel. 

- The 2020 AGM’s of our three local Societies were not held due to Covid-19 restrictions. This means that  Dues and the Board of Directors for each Society will not change for 2021.  

 Reminder- Membership dues for 2021 are now being collected; Quatsino Residents’ Organization @  $15/yr. (treasurer - Gwen), Quatsino Archives Association @ $10/yr. (treasurer - Nancy) and Bergh Cove  Organic Schoolyard @ $10.00/yr. (treasurer - Gwen). - Contact Gwen for more information.  

- Medical Services available: During the COVID-19 pandemic, family physicians in the North Island are  now providing virtual health visits (by telephone or videoconferencing software) unless physical  examination is necessary. Dr. Kevin Garneau can provide physician services in Quatsino. If you require  medical services, telephone appointments with a physician in Port Alice, or house calls in of Quatsino, call  the Port Alice Health Centre to make an appointment at 1-250-284-3555. - Dr. Kevin Garneau  

- Due to the recent theft of power tools from Khalid’s property everyone is reminded to stay vigilant. Let  your neighbours know when you have checked their properties for signs of trespass or vandalism. If you  find any issues of concern please let us know ASAP so the community can be alerted. QRO - Gwen 

If anyone would like to start an official ‘Quatsino Neighbourhood Watch’ please contact Nancy or Gwen.   

- The community facebook group "Quatsino Life" has been very well received this year. If you would like  to access this Private Facebook Group of Quatsino friends, family and guests please use the link below or  search for Quatsino Life in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/294641568548902// Quatsino events and other topics and threads of interest are available; our latest one is Quatsino History. 

- The ‘Free Store’ next to the Museum is open by request. Drop off free items or pick-up items for free by  contacting Di (949-7879 / moonstarboat@yahoo.com). A donation jar is set up to support the Museum. 

- Bergh Cove Organic Schoolyard (BCOS) thanks everyone who bought garlic, fruit and berries last season.  We raised $129 that will go towards garden upkeep. Recently 130 garlic bulbs were planted, a new  strawberry bed planted and one dead plum tree removed. New cedar frames for the garden beds will be  installed this Spring. Members can now rent garden space for the upcoming growing season; raised beds  @ $15/yr / large beds @ $20/yr / greenhouse @ $10/yr. - Contact Gwen to join or rent space. 

- At QTRS we will continue to adhere to COVID-19 safety precautions until the RDMW and the Province  lift their safety directives. MASKS are required and one resident on site at a time please. We will continue  to provide our recycling drop-off service, so that everyone can stay clear of the unventilated shed area.   - Happy New Year to all from your FRIENDLY QTRS ATTENDANTS!!!  - 1 -

- The Quatsino Museum & Archives can be opened after Feb. 4th for private viewing – or shopping - only  by request - masks are required. - Contact Gwen or Di to make arrangements.  


- Old Quatsino Falling Inc. for Hire! Yard clearing and bucking. Saw filing, rakers and bar maintenance @ $1.50 / inch per bar. Call for more information or details - Josh @ 250-902-8098 or Kaity @ 250-949-1155.  


- Missing: Stihl MC 260 [or MC 261] chain saw and 2 Makita impact drills, charger & battery – all with  ‘Online Contracting’ engraved on them. Contact Khalid @ khalid@onlinecontractors.com for more info. 


- For Sale: Fifth wheel camper. Was $17,000 but Blue Book price is now $10,000 firm. It sleeps 5: 1 double bed, table folds into bed (good for one short person or 2 kids), and couch folds down  (good for one person). Toilet, sink tub and shower. Fridge & stove - 3way: 12 volt, electric and propane. Fifth wheel hitch. Length is 25 feet. Contact Di at 250-949-7879 or moonstarboat@yahoo.com

- For Sale: Hide-a-bed @ $100 and 2 – 2 drawer filing cabinets @ $15 each. Contact Florian 250-902-9339.  

- Buy: BCOS needs to replace the 10 year old garden bed frames at the School and would like written  quotes for 52 - 2” X 10” X 10ft (870 bdft) rough cedar boards plus a quote for delivery to the School.   Contact Gwen at gwendolynsherryl@gmail.com


- A ROSE to KIM J. for putting up Christmas decorations around town - including the museum, potty  and QTRS !!! SM 

- A ROSE to Braden Peterson for rescuing the fish cleaning table at the wharf and reinstalling it. SM - A great big thank you to everyone observing COVID CAUTIONS so diligently and helping to keep  everyone safe. SM 

- A ROSE to ‘the kids’ for rafting up their boats and leaving room for others. SM 

- A ROSE to Andrew and Charlie for getting that humongous log out from under the BCPW wharf. SM 

HISTORY: 55 years ago ….. The Golden Wedding Anniversary of Laura and George Nordstrom was  celebrated by Mrs. Charlotte Ildstad in a poem: - Quatsino Museum & Archives 

As shadows grow and the sun disappears You’ll both relax and dream of by gone years. Years in the wilderness creating a new home, Where the artistic Kwakiutl Indians did roam. In those days peoples main food was fish and deer, There was no telephone or doctor near,  Water was their highway, often meant row-row, The Pioneers called their village Quatsino. 

The pack you had to carry was not light, You were brave, stood and didn’t give up the fight. You worked hard for the new community, Where you George, were Coroner and J.P. Laura, you fearlessly went for the mail,  Knowing cougars were around on that trail. When all your past life we take a good look, Well done we say at the end of the book. 

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