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     The first mail delivery in Quatsino was in late March 1896.  The Post Office operated out of many homes and businesses over the next seventy-four years. The Q.R.O. built a “mobile” Post Office building (8ft.x14ft.) in 1970.  
     The Quatsino Post Office (@ E-595) is currently located 3 km east of the Government Wharf in Hecate Cove.  Post Mistress, Cheryl Andersen, can be reached at 949-9567.                                                         
Quatsino Post Office is a full service facility.                                         
 Operating hours: 
            Mon….. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm              
            Tues… 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
            Wed….12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
            Thurs…. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 
(closed Mon. and Thurs. between 1:00 – 1:30 for mail pick-up & sorting)
[for “Mail Boat” information see: Getting In and Out]


     Quatsino’s first Government Wharf was built in 1897 in Norgar Cove and was relocated to Bergh Cove in 1912. 
On July 31, 2003, our Government Wharf was almost lost in a fire. Volunteers managed to control the blaze and keep it from spreading. Transport Canada began work immediately to repair the damage and the facility was back in full operation by 2005.       The small wharf shed offers shelter for those waiting for a drop off or to be picked up.  It is well lit and has a Community Notice board, public wheel barrow, fire extinguisher and an emergency stretcher inside.      There are 50 m. of moorage space along the main float plus 36 m. along the adjoining ‘airplane’ float. Rafting (tying up boats side by side) is sometimes necessary and deemed a safe option by Transport Canada.  
     Moorage fees were waived during the wharf’s reconstruction and could be reapplied at any time – at Government authorized rates.      Government regulations dictate;
*floats must be kept clear of ALL obstructions, 
*fuel containers are NOT to be left on the floats at any time, 
*NO MOTOR VEHICLE PARKING on wharf except for loading and unloading purposes, 
      As Quatsino is a remote community, this wharf is one of only a handful in BC that has not been divested into private ownership and is still being maintained by Transport Canada. 

      St. Olaf’s was originally built as a one- room school in 1897 and served 11 to 36 students from grade one to nine over the next thirty-three years.  When the new larger school was built the old school was sold to the Anglican Diocese.  Services have been held by visiting Ministers over the past seventy years - except from 1950 to 1991 when Reverend Charles Lomas officiated.     The Church (E-115) is often booked for memorials and christenings and has become a popular and unique wedding venue.    The Church has the honour of being the first on the North Island’s Historic Site Registry and visitors from around the world have signed St. Olaf’s Guest Book. Contact Vicky Reeves, at 902-0512, for more information.


     The Quatsino Anglican Cemetery (est. 1903) (W-850) has five interments and is located at the extreme west end of the community within an undeveloped private property and is accessible only by a short footpath from the beach.  Watch for a white information sign on a large Spruce tree about 700 ft. west of the last house.  This tiny cemetery is now closed.
     At a meeting held April 20, 1918, a motion was made to purchase a half acre of land ($150.00) for the purpose of a Community Cemetery. Shares ($22.00 per family) were collected from 18 community families to cover purchase costs and land clearing.                                                              cont.
         Use of the Quatsino Cemetery (W-620) is limited to those with connections to the Quatsino Sound area. For 50 years burial rates were $20.00 / plot but have recently been increased to $200.00 to help the cover upkeep costs.  There are currently (2015) one hundred and one interments and memorial stones within this Cemetery.  Contact Gwen Hansen at 949-7960 for more information.


   This unregistered and illegal dump has been used by the community since 1974 and is located on Crown Land.  Access to the site is over a privately owned road. Please be respectful! No littering!

At the Dump Site:
*Household garbage should be dumped over brim on top level only.
*Large appliances, scrap metal and vehicles should be placed along the far edges of the lower level. (These will be taken out and recycled when feasible.)

At Home:
* Burn all your brush and lumber scraps. 
* Incinerate all meat, bones, and fish scraps.
* Compost all organic waste.
* Useable clothes, tools and household 
       articles can be donated to the 
       Women’s Auxiliary Thrift Shop in 
       Port Hardy @ 949-7013.                            
* 7- Mile Solid Waste Facility @ 
        956-3161 accepts toxic material .                     
* Return car and boat batteries to place of 
* Refundable beverage containers can be 
        dropped off  behind the Museum.
* Household batteries drop-off box at North  
         Island Gazette office.                                                                                               
     * Be aware that bears scavenge the dump area. Immediately call a Dispatcher then the Conservation Officer (toll free) 1-800-663-9453 to report aggressive behavior. 

[NOTE: Current dump will be closed in 2 or 3 years – once the RD has built and opened a permanent recycling depot and transfer station]       

RECYCLING DEPOT (temporary site beside the Museum) 

     Six collections bins accept ‘Multi Medium Packaging items’: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum packaging material. Info available on site.
               (Open during Museum hours.)

     First published by the Quatsino Brownies in 1984, as a way to get to know the community, this one page phone book lists the names of all residents and summer homeowners plus general information and Emergency Dispatcher contact numbers.  
     The Telephone Directory is now published by the QRO and can be purchased (for $1.00) at the Post Office or the Quatsino Museum & Archives.  


     Phase One of the Quatsino Museum Project began in November 2004 and was completed in December 2006; thanks to many hours of volunteer labour, and financial assistance from Grant funding which covered the costs of preparing the site and transporting the “new” Museum building from Port McNeill to Quatsino.
     Phase Two saw the Museum ‘Open for Business’ on June 23, 2007.  
     The Quatsino Museum (W-100) focuses on the unique history of the Quatsino                                                                
Sound area and is managed by volunteers. 
     July & August; daily 1:00 to 2:00 
     Sept. to June; Sat. & Sun. 1:00 to 2:00. * Free highspeed internet access.
* Special openings anytime upon request.
 * Local crafts are sold on consignment 
 * Cold drinks & light snacks are available.
Contact for more information.


     The Adult Library is set up in the School’s Community Room and operates on the honour system (sign books out and cross out to return).  
      Library volunteers stock and organize shelves with newly donated books and often recycle old or duplicated books to various NI organizations. 
     Until the School re-opens the Library will be opened only on request. Call Di (949-7879) for information.


     Dial-up connections became possible in 1997 when phone lines were upgraded to allow for private lines.  High Speed Internet arrived in 2005 when a Government Grant funded the installation of a satellite dish receiver for the School.  Another Grant enabled the R.E.C.N. Society to install a satellite transmitter system on Cross Island in April 2007.  The system enables homes, with visual contact to the windmill tower on Cross Island, to connect to high speed internet.. A second transmitter was installed in Hecate Cove in 2010 to enable Cove residents’ access to this 20 Gb service. Contact Ragged Edge Community Network (RECN) at (250) 956-2282, toll free 1-866-950-7326 or go to  to sign up or for more information.

     Private satellite internet options are available from commerical providers. New internet providers and options are becoming available as techologies evolve. Ask around for info.



     A meeting was held Nov. 1, 1969 with the aim of creating an organization to act a “a voice of the community in dealing with matters of concern to the residents.” 
     Over the past 45 years the QRO (incorporated as a BC Society in 1973) has overseen issues relating to economic and environmental concerns and remains solely funded through membership fees and donations.      Membership is open to all residents and/or property owners. AGM’s are held in November during which elections are held and annual dues set. ($10.00 - 2015). Contact QRO Sec. Tres., Gwen Hansen @ 949-7960 to join or for more information.

    The QCC was formed in 1970 to oversee the operation and upkeep of the Quatsino Cemetery.  Local youth are hired as grounds keepers with wages covered by the QRO.

     The QVFB was formed in April 1981 after a fire destroyed the home of a long time resident family.                                                  
     The Fire Brigade now operates with a Fire Rescue Truck, four transportable Honda pumps, 600 ft of hoses plus all the needed accessory gear. They have collected First Aid equipment and stretchers for community use. The Fire Hall (W-200) was built and paid for by the community in 2000 and sits on 2 h. of Crown Land leased for this purpose through the Regional District.  Contact Jeff Noel (949-9785) to join or for more information.

    As part of the Provincial Emergency Preparedness (PEP) initiative and with the help of the RDMW’s Emergency Coordinator, volunteers have been working to develop a community response plans to deal with various emergency situations. 
Team members maintain an community Emergency Dispatch phone-out system. Contact Gwen Hansen (949-7960) for more information.

    A meeting was held Jan. 15, 1991 to organize a small group of residents wishing to actively work to preserve the history of this community.  The group became a Registered Charity in 1992 and was incorporated as a BC Society in 2006.     
    The QAA’s archival collection was stored, and often displayed, in the Community Room of the School until work began in 2004 to expand their mandate to include the creation of a facility to permanently house the growing archives collection plus safely display and store local artifacts.
    All who live, have lived in, or have connections to Quatsino are welcome to join. General meetings are held the second Sunday of every month at 1:00.  AGM’s are held in December. Annual dues; $ 10.00. Contact for more information.

    The first APC was organized in 1974 to create the first Official Settlement Plan for the community.  The Regional District re-established the group in 1998 to update and expand the Quatsino Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws.  The seven member APC group represents the community on issues and proposed amendments pertaining to our Community Bylaws.

Quatsino Official Community Plan Bylaw # 656                 
     The Quatsino OCP Bylaw came into effect on July 16, 2002.  The primary goal of this 21 page Bylaw is to preserve Quatsino’s unique character and rural lifestyle while encouraging a moderate level of growth and development.  The secondary goal is to protect the sensitive environmental features of the plan area
Quatsino Zoning Bylaw # 670
     The Zoning Bylaw came into effect on Dec.10, 2002. This 18 page Bylaw provides  specific information regarding permitteD economic activities and property development within Quatsino and outlines the penalties for non-compliance.
     These Bylaws can be viewed at

     This group was organized in 1985 to oversee the upkeep of the historic St. Olaf’s Church and grounds.  They have held work bees and fund raisers over the years and have kept this historic site a source of pride for the community.  This committee is now a part of the QAA Society. Contact Vicky Reeves at 902-0512 for more information.

    Ladies have been meeting at the School every Wednesday evening during the winter months for many years. Activities based on crafts, fitness and community service add to the weekly social gathering.  School rental fees are covered by an annual $15.00 per person donation.  (This Group has been disbanded until organizers can be found)

    B.C.O.S. was registered as a BC Society on March 12, 2009. The small group of dedicated volunteers received Grant funding to start-up an organic garden and learning center based out of the Quatsino Elementary School. An annual Lease Agreement, between BCOS and SD# 85, enables the Society to accept and schedule bookings of school facilities and grounds. AGM’s are held in January. New members are always welcome.  
Contact Gwen Hansen to book an event (949-7960).

Eagle Manor Resort  Florian & 
             Michelle Tovstigo  @ 949-2685
Quatsino Lodge / First Light Charters  
             Walter & Jean Schoenfelder  @ 949-7476  5.3 – Kagoagh Resort & Fishing Lodge
            Sam Chae @ 902-0434    

Kagoagh Lodge
Tyler and Gina 1.250.902.0434

Hecate Cove Lodge Ltd.  Frank 
              & Elsie Kendall @ 949-9966  

A. Hansen Contracting 
               Andrew Hansen @ 949-7960

Western Forest Products Ltd.  
                 Holberg – Main Office  


Colony Lake & Dish Rag Lake    
    The QRO has worked for many years to ensure the perimeters of both lakes are preserved to form a naturally forested buffer zone for low impact recreational use.  WFP Holberg has set aside a 20 meter “protected zone” plus a 50 meter “management zone” of their Crown Land holdings around both Colony Lake and Dish Rag Lake as a protected forest zone. A community project began in 2011 to create a public access trail and picnic & swim beach on the Regional District’s proposed five acre Colony Lake Point Park.  A 1 km access trail starts at the new parking lot (across from the Post Office) and winds through the forest to a small swim & picnic area located near the southeast end of Colony Lake.  An outhouse is located near trails end.  *Gas motors are NOT permitted on either lakes – electric motors, canoes, inflatables, kayaks and rowboats are welcome. Community Notice & Park Information boards is located at the trail head parking lot.

    Quatsino Road is a narrow 8 mile long gravel road running from the Quattishe Reserve to five properties short of the community’s western boundary. Quatsino Road plus five short access roads: Bergh Road, Wharf Road, Leeson Point Road, Evenson Road and Nordstrom Road are our only public roadways.  All other side roads are privately owned. Please contact property owners for permission to trespass. Road maintenance is through the Ministry of Highways and is subcontracted through Emcon Ltd. (949-6666). 
*The community requests everyone honour a 30 kph speed limit for obvious safety reasons and for the preservation and long life of your vehicle.
*The RCMP has a vehicle in the community and road checks do happen.

     Coastal Community Insurance Services,  @ (250) 902-2626, serves many in the community.  
     Please note that Quatsino is not in a “fire protection area” – our Brigade is uncertified and we do not have fire hydrants – homeowners do not qualify for a reduction in home insurance rates.
     Quatsino vehicles do qualify for a reduction in insurance rates as we are an 
isolated community.  Your vehicle will not be covered if it leaves the community.


Boat Moorage; (non-commercial)
- Quatsino Government Wharf; (2015)
                         @ $ 0 
- Coal Harbour QFN Wharf; (2015)
                         @ no charge for - 4hr day use.
 - Eilertsen’s Wharf; call 949-6371 for rates.              
            - (Eilertsen’s boat launch fee includes vehicle parking)

Vehicle Parking;
     In Coal Harbour:
Free parking is available along the highway road allowance just up from QFN Wharf.  
Pay parking is available near both wharves; 
 Eilertsen’s - call 949-6371 for daily / weekly or monthly rates.
           Quatsino Marine Transport - call 949-6358 for current rates
     In Quatsino:
     Free short-term public parking is available just across the main road. NO PARKING of any kind is permitted on the Wharf.  

Boat Charters;
     From Coal Harbour;
     Quatsino Sound Marine Transport runs weekdays dawn ‘til dusk. 
* Monday & Thursday; “Mail Boat Run” 
    @ $21.00 adult, children under 10 free;  leaves Coal Harbour around 12:30  leaves Quatsino Wharf around 1:15; Call for rates and reservations @ 949-6359.               

     Aqua Totem – 45 ft. landing barge with a 30 ton capacity plus winch. (large craft)  
Contact: Emmett Doyle @ 949-0220.                                                                
     Black Water – 76 ft. x 26 ft. barge with a 
    90 ton capacity. (extra large craft) This is a non-self propelled barge that is pushed by the Aqua Totem. 
Contact: Emmett Doyle @ 949-0220.  
     Lane D – 30 ft. landing craft with a ½ ton capacity. (small craft)  
Contact: Jeff Noel @ 230-4370  

Boat / Barge Ramps;
     *Note: there are no public boat ramps in Quatsino at this time.  Private Ramps:
-Bergh Cove site beside Government Wharf  – contact Al Fodchuk @ 949-6338 to make arrangements.     
Float Plane;
     Aircab Charter Flights  
     -Cessna (2 passenger) 
     -Beaver (6 passenger) 
     -Turbo Beaver (8-12 passenger) 
*Round trip flights to Quatsino available seven days a week, 7:00 am to 11:00 pm - weather permitting.
Call 949-6371 for rates and reservations.  


Quatsino is under the Regional District of Mt. Waddington’s jurisdiction as part of Area “C” and represented by Andrew Hory (2015)  ( The RD office is located in Port McNeill (956-4763). Web site - 

     Black Bears, Cougars and Wolves are very common within the community. To reduce unwanted encounters with predators: 
     • properly dispose of all household garbage & food scraps, 
     • regularly harvest fruits & berries, 
     • keep pets in at night & livestock securely pended
     • do not leave BBQ’s, freezers or garbage cans outdoors during ‘bear season’.  
   When outside at night take a good flashlight and be aware of your surroundings. Young children should always be under adult supervision and carry good quality whistles to scare off aggressive animals and to summon help. If confronted by a BEAR, make yourself look large, do not make eye contact. Talk to it quietly as you back away. If confronted by a COUGAR, yell and make a lot of noise and be aggressive – do not turn your back or bend over – give it lots of room to retreat. Pick up small children or pet and keep an eye on it while you back away slowly. Anyone who encounters an aggressive bear, cougar or wolf is asked to immediately notify a Dispatcher who will begin a phone out alert. If the animal is causing serious concern – or if you see a sick or wounded animal - you will be asked to call the Conservation Office at 1-800-663-9453.
For more information go to;
                                                       *Hunting for sport within the community is not acceptable!


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