Nov 6, 2018

2017 Annual Meeting (Dec 30)


Quatsino Residents’ Organization

Est. 1973 – Society # S-0010261

44th Annual General Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 30, 2017

1) Meeting Called to Order by Donnie Botel @ 10:14 am.

Members present: Di Renaud, Donnie Botel, Kevin Maher, Dave Addison, John Tyler, Andrew Hansen, Peter Solga, Nancy Botham, and Gwen Hansen. 9 /26.

2) AGM Financial Report Balance Sheet Presented:  Auditor: Di Renaud.  

Motion: ‘To accept Financial Report as presented’ made by John, 2nd by Kevin. – Approved

Motion: ‘To transfer QRO funds from Bank of Nova Scotia to the Coastal Community Credit Union within 2 months of this meeting’ made by John, 2nd by Kevin. - Approved

3) Minutes from Aug. 28th open Board Meeting Presented: As circulated Sept. 1st.

Motion: ‘To accept Minutes as presented’ made by John, 2nd by Donnie. - Approved

4) Year-end Reports:

(1)  QRO:

(a)  Quatsino Cemetery Committee: (Gwen)

The Cemetery is 100 years old in 2018. No interments, memorials or pre-sales for 2017. $30 paid for grounds upkeep +20 hours donated. Five crosses repainted & five more being prepped. $3,796.17 donated by RDMW Grant, Area ‘C’ Discretionary funds, QRO, QAA and Q Cemetery Committee for new picket fence. Property surrounding old Anglican Cemetery has been sold again.

(b)  Emergency Preparedness Team: (Gwen)

Seven remaining Emergency Airhorns will be sold for $10 at the Museum (and Post Office?). A Grant application for more Emergency supplies for our School Rally Site has been submitted by the RDMW’s Emergency Program Coordinator. 911 Emergency information on the 2018 Quatsino Telephone Directories has been updated.  The QRO, QF&S and John & Terri covered the $163.50 cost for 100 ‘Quatsino 911’ fridge magnets, which can be picked up for free at the Museum (and Post Office?) - one per dwelling. Laminated civic address maps will be placed in the Telus and Hydro trucks.

(c)  Colony Lake Development Project: (Gwen)

Volunteers have kept the trail clear & safe. Thank you all! Megan Williamson and Steve Billy have created and installed a new Colony Lake Community Trail sign ($350). The ‘Casting Dock’ needs to be replaced and roots, brush & stumps at the picnic site need to be trimmed before next summer. Project funding balance: $1,563.04.

(d)  RECN: (Gwen)

An agreement between RECN, Brooks Bay Cable in Port Alice and North Island Communication at 7 Hills Golf Course was signed Dec. 14th. This partnership will enable RECN to access better internet speeds for Quatsino and Holberg. Just a 4 day weather window is needed to install transmitter equipment on the NICommunication tower on Mt. Byng.

(e) Fire & Rescue: (Kevin)

The Q Volunteer Fire Department now has 5 fire suppression members. The day-to-day operations of the Fire & Rescue Society are managed by a 3 member ‘Executive Committee’; Kevin, Megan and John Retallack. The F&R will be applying for a Grant for $500 from the BC Forest Service/BC Fire Department Federation to cover the costs of installing household address signage and for other fire safe initiatives.


[Members were informed that all QRO assets pertaining to the QVFB were transferred to the QF&R two weeks ago.  The requested actions from the Aug. 28th QRO meeting have yet to be implemented.]

(f)  Garbage Dump, Solid Waste & Recycling Transfer Station

The Scrap Metal dealer in Cassidy is planning to return in early January with more bins to take out the remaining scrap metal from the Dump.  Half the value of the metal removed on Nov. 21st was used for barge and transportation expenses.  Dave will contact Boris (Port Hardy) to see if it would be feasible to have him haul out scrap vehicles, etc. from private properties.

[RDMW email arrived today @ 11:17 stating that they now have a letter of approval from the Quatsino First Nations for the site of our Transfer Station Facility. Getting this project started will be one of Patrick Donaghy first priorities in the New Year.]

(g)  Government Wharf Divestiture

Transport Canada posted a notice in the local Gazette Newspaper on Dec. 06 stating that negotiations to transfer the Quatsino Public Port Facility to the RDMW have begun.  The RD hope to have a conditional agreement with TC completed by the end of March and are working on the financial model to discuss with them in early January. Funding to cover 30 years of upkeep and maintenance may be requested.

(2)  Quatsino Archives Association: (Donnie)

(a)  St. Olaf’s Church Restoration: (Nancy)

The QAA took over the maintenance & upkeep of the Church in Oct. 2012. The Upkeep Donation Box was built by Donnie in 2013 and to date $268.00 has been collected. In 2014 the QAA & the Church Restoration committee covered the $4,250.00 cost of a new metal roof. In 2015 the front of the building was painted and a BCOS ‘St. Olaf’s Church’ information sign installed. Running the dehumidifier during the winter is an expense that needs to be monitored.

(b)  Recycling Depot: (Di)

Twenty mega totes of recycling went out on Feb. 26th, May 13th and again on Sept. 1st. Patrick Donaghy and two Recycle BC Reps toured the Depot on Oct. 19th and were very pleased with our operations.

(3)  Bergh Cove Organic Schoolyard: (Gwen)

We have 11 members-in-good-standing. Raised beds were rented out to members and one was donated to the kids in our ‘Learning Through Play’ program. Fundraising efforts; selling organic garlic & ‘U-Pick by Donation’ weren’t as well supported as previous years.  We hosted two ‘Learning Through Play’ programs in May & in Aug with funding from Literacy Now. Both were huge successes. Our ‘Local Wildlife Information Sign’ was completed in August and installed in front of the Museum. Thanks John!

5) Old Business:

(1) Quatsino Fire & Rescue Society #S0067798 bylaws are available to the public from the QF&R Society for a clerical fee of $25 or from the BC Society website for $7. John T. donated $10 to cover the cost of getting them from the website so they can be circulated to the community at no charge.

6) New Business:

(1) NIL

7) Election of Board of Directors for 2018:

President; Di Renaud Director; Kevin Maher

Sec. Tres.; Gwen Hansen Director;  Donnie Botel

Director; John Tyler

8) Set Membership dues for 2018: $10.00

9) Motion to adjourn:  12:16 pm


Quatsino is a small hamlet located on Quatsino Sound in Northwestern Vancouver Island, Canada and only accessible by boat or float plane. Its nearest neighbour is Coal Harbour, to the east, about 20 minutes away by boat, and Port Alice, to the south, about 35 minutes away by boat.

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